James Suplee

James B. Suplee was born on Apr. 26, 1790 to Solomon and Rebecca. According to his burial record, he died from "disease hives with racking pains in the bowels for…

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Jake and Betsy Roak

Jake and Betsy Roak were married 56 years. They died within 2 days of each other. They lived their lives fully and inspired in the service of others. Together they advanced a family legacy.

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Jack and Margaret Dunn

Jack and Margaret Dunn were a wonderful couple from Southwark who had long family histories in the community. The Dunn’s lived on the unit block of Fitzwater where they raised their twin sons before their home was demolished for I-95.

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Joseph and Mary Kane

Joseph and Mary were lifelong residents of Southwark/Queen Village. Married for over 52 years, they raised their four children in their Front Street home. They were both dedicated to helping family and friends throughout their lives.

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Francis and Margaret Moock

Frank and Margaret Moock both grew up near Gloria Dei (Old Swedes') Church in Philadelphia. Although they were not parishioners of this church, Gloria Dei held a special place in both of their hearts. Here Margie Moock Schernecke shares stories about her parents and their love for Old Swedes'.

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The "Learn to Strut" display inside the Mummers Museum. Photo by Steve Highsmith

Frank “Mr. Clown” Stermel

Francis (Frank) Stermel was born on June 3, 1916 to Anthony Stermel and Helen Szymanski Stermel. He was a lifelong resident of South Philadelphia and a true mummer.

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