The Historic Gloria Dei Preservation Corporation is an independent charitable organization, administered by community volunteers and funded by foundations, corporate and individual gifts.

We are a 501(c)(3) organization registered in Pennsylvania as a non-profit charitable corporation. As part of our long- and short-term planning, we actively seek funding from foundations and government resources, as well as individuals and private historical organizations.

Our Mission

Our mission is to preserve, restore, renew, and maintain the historic Gloria Dei (Old Swedes’) Church Philadelphia buildings and grounds.

Memberships and Affiliations

Board of Directors

Amy Grant, Chair of the Board
President, Lucid Digital Designs
Founder, Southwark Historical Society

Jeanette Woehr, Vice Chair
Ronald McDonald House, Retired

Christine Pickup, Treasurer
The Dow Chemical Company, Retired

Candace Roberts, Corporate Secretary
President, Quantum-Think

Terry Brasko, Trustee
The Swedish Colonial Society

Joshua Thomas Castaño, Trustee
Program Manager, Partners for Sacred Places

Thomas Daley AIA, emeritus
Daroff Design Inc + DDI Architects, PC

Teresa Delaney, Trustee

Mike Duffy, Advisor
Liberty Tree & Landscape

Marco Federico, Trustee
Senior Architectural Conservator, Materials Conservation Co., LLC

Jim Murphy, Trustee
Author, researcher story-teller, tour guide

Mark Roberts, Trustee

Mary Ryan, Trustee
Interior Designer, MCR Designs LLC

Amy Sampson-Liberi, Trustee

Michael Schreiber, Trustee
Historian, Author, Journalist

Alan Segal, Trustee
Founder, The Jazz Sanctuary
Consultant, CPA, MST, CSMC – retired

Ray Spera, Advisor
Philadelphia Carpentry Systems

Robert A. Stewart, Trustee
Attorney At Law, Hill Wallack LLP

Sam Streit, Trustee

Cynthia Temple, Trustee
Philadelphia Department of Parks & Recreation, Retired

Rev. Dr. Kim‐Eric Williams, emeritus
Honorary Governor, The Swedish Colonial Society
Emeritus Professor, University of Pennsylvania