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Explore the Old Swedes graveyard at your leisure and discover the remarkable people buried here.

Founders Magazine

In our quarterly magazine, we publish our research about those who are buried in our graveyards and their impact upon Philadelphia’s history. Here are some of our recent issues:

The Music of 1700 [Concert + Lecture] Great Talks at Gloria Dei


We conduct research into the lives of those buried here and share their stores in our magazine and on our website.

  • Jacob Jackson, Jr.

    Jacob Jackson, Jr.

    Born into a family of mariners, he died in the Potomac River.

  • Gloria Campisi

    Gloria Campisi

    She had a great ability to locate hard-to-find interviewees.

  • Alexander Napier

    Alexander Napier

    This Scot was a stone cutter, firefighter & gunpowder-protector in the War of 1812.

  • Sarah Garrett Lungren

    Sarah Garrett Lungren

    She grew up at “The Lilacs” – one of the homes used to create Philly’s Fairmount Park.

  • William Lungren

    William Lungren

    He was a paper-maker and hotel landlord who left an impressive family legacy.

  • A Tale of Two Brothers: Augustus and Edward Sargent

    A Tale of Two Brothers: Augustus and Edward Sargent

    Augustus Sargent and his brother Edward were closely linked in their lives and careers.