Churchyard Restoration

Situated in the middle of a National Park, the Gloria Dei graveyard has been in continuous use since the early 1700s and is one of the oldest burial grounds in Philadelphia.  We seek to restore the churchyard to an earlier point in history, increasing the historical accuracy of the environment, repair and preserve gravestones that have decayed due to extreme age, the ravages of an urban environment, and some very old damage caused by vandalism.

Explore the Churchyard

There are over 500 visible markers in the churchyard and many are in need of repair and restoration.  Explore our database and discover how you can support preservation of this treasured history.

Previously Conserved

Adelaide Celestis Delormerie (1781-1798)

Aimee Louise Jackson (1874-1874) and Alathea May Jackson (1876-1878)

Benjamin A. Rose (1783-1853) and Anna M. Rose (1785-1873)

Captain Joseph Blewer (1734–1789)

Captain Morris Sheer (1818-1859)

Catharine Swanson (1706-1752) and Anthony Duche (1706-1787)

Cherry Cantrell Young (1831-1876) and Ellwood Glenn Young (1876-1876)

Daniel Houseman and Family

Dorothy and Susan Hopkins

Edward F. Turner (1847-1873) and Samuel B. Turner (1856-1875)

Eleanor Donaldson (1737-1773)

Elizabeth Roulliet (1774-1856)

George Lindenmyer

George Ord, Naturalist, Ornithologist, Writer

George Ord, Ship Chandler (1741-1806)

Houseman Family

Jacob Jackson, Jr. (1812-1866)

James M. Jackson (1819-1859) and Washington J. Jackson (1827-1884)

Johan Olofsson Stille, Supporter of the Swedish Lutheran Church (1646-1722)

John and Jane Redles and their children

John H. Coats (1820-1822), Sophia Coats (1787-1830), Lindsay Coats (1806-1830), Ann H. Coats (1810-1824)

Joseph and Sarah Warner

Lizzie Martin (1837-1857)

Marker 146

Mary Smith (1798-1849) and Jarvis Allen (1818-1849)

Morgan Ragan

Peter and Reynold Keen

Peter Sandel (1706-1708) and Andreas Sandel (1711-1711)

Private Jacob Jackson and The War of 1812

Rebecca L. Young (1855-1855) and Virginia Young (1856-1857)

Reverend Jehu Curtis Clay (1792-1863)

Robert Ottinger (1800-1863) and Elizabeth Ottinger (1805-1896)

Thomas W. Webb (1808-1877)

William and Eliza Jones

William Sheed, Plasterer (1750-1807)

William Smith

[Marker 150]

[Marker 151]

[Marker 257]

[Marker 97]