By Candace Roberts, Board Chair

According to the National Trust for Historic Preservation, “the preservation of historic buildings is a one-way street. There is no chance to renovate or to save a historic site once it’s gone. And we can never be certain what will be valued in the future―because once a piece of history is destroyed, it is lost forever.”

Too many congregations have lost their houses of worship and were forced to move, sell, and destroy some magnificent buildings and grounds. How can we be successful where others have failed?  We need to bring along others to share our vision and share our gifts. We need to find other groups of interested parties who will join us in this effort.

  • Our church building is a 317-year-old architectural treasure. We need to find others interested in preserving historic architecture.
  • These building and grounds are a living museum of Swedish and American history. We need to engage with Swedes across the country who are interested in the upkeep of their roots in America.
  • We need to engage with the organizations that support American veterans from the Revolutionary and Civil War.
  • This property can be a bird and wildlife sanctuary. We need to engage with birders and those who love gardens and horticulture.

By finding others who share our interests and goals, we can help preserve our history and maintain Gloria Dei for future generations to enjoy.  If you are interested in preservation, history, architecture, or horticulture, please lend your support toward the work of the Historic Gloria Dei (Old Swedes’) Preservation Corporation.