Why We Need Your Support

The Historic Gloria Dei Preservation Corporation does not receive government funding for our operations. All our projects and endeavors are made possible by the talent and dedication of our board of volunteers … And help from generous people like you.

Our funds primarily come from: unsolicited private contributions, donations from travelers, people who enjoy tours led by our board members and from grants. Your support is crucial for the preservation of this irreplaceable architectural and cultural landmark.

Any donation you make will help us do more to uncover hidden stories, repair this historic property and preserve this living history museum for future generations. Please donate as generously as you can to whatever option best fits your needs. You can make a one-time donation, support a specific project or become a sustainer.

You Can Make a One-Time Donation

Save this historic place and preserve its heritage for a better, brighter future. Your gift will have a lasting impact.

Friends of Old Swedes

Every dollar counts! Donate any amount you desire.

100 Founding Members

Limited to the first 100 individuals who pay $1,000 or pledge $1,000.

Legacy Donors

Make a gift through a will, a trust, an IRA or stocks.

You Can Become a Sustainer 3 Ways

Save time, paper and money by making an annual gift. You can donate monthly, quarterly or once a year.


Restore this historic property by pledging $250 annually.


Sustain this irreplaceable site by pledging $500 annually.


Preserve this national treasure by pledging $750 annually.

You Can Support An Individual Project

Save Our Gravestones

Your support enables us to repair gravestones that have decayed due to extreme age and acid rain. You can even earmark your donation toward the repair of a specific marker.