Thank you so much for participating in our first-ever History Book Festival. We recognized that it was difficult for authors of local history to make meaningful connections with readers during the pandemic. We organized this program in a pandemic-proof, outdoor setting to help bridge that gap. We would really like to get your feedback about what worked and what didn’t work so that we can make this program bigger and better next year.

Contact Information

Please provide your contact information so that we can follow up if we have questions about your answers to this survey.

Author Tables and Book Sales

We set up two locations for authors’ tables and want to see which one was best.
We are trying to determine which location was better in terms of book sales.
How was the temperature at your table?(Required)
With readers, fellow authors, passersby, event coordinators, etc?

Book Readings and Interviews

We organized a full day of programming so that each author would have time to give a book reading or be interviewed.
How do you feel about the location that was selected for this activity?(Required)
How was the temperature at the book reading/interview table?(Required)

Other Feedback

We sent out press releases and published in both traditional and social media outlets. We’d like to know how you heard about it.
If we host this program again next year, would you be interested in participating?(Required)
Would you recommend this program to other authors of local history?(Required)
Would you be interested in participating in a lecture or panel discussion?(Required)
Prior to the pandemic, we hosted a very popular lecture series called “Great Talks at Gloria Dei.” The lectures took place inside the church and were followed by receptions in Riverside Hall. These events gave authors opportunities to meet readers and sell books. We are hoping to start this program up again this fall. Please let us know if you would be interested in participating.
Would you like to be a guest on our podcast?(Required)
During the pandemic, we started publishing a quarterly podcast. Would you like to be a guest on this program?
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