Author and tour guide Jim Murphy discusses what Philly was really like when William Penn got here in 1682 … and how he turned a ‘howling wilderness’ into America’s fastest growing city.”

The Presenter: Jim Murphy is a certified Philadelphia tour guide and author of over 55 articles on Philly’s heroes and historic sites for the Society Hill Reporter and Queen Village Neighbors Association Magazine. His stories were published in a book for Temple University Press titled: Real Philly History, Real Fast. He also spearheaded William Penn birthday celebrations at Welcome Park and City Hall in 2015 and 2016.

In addition, Jim has guided the first half of three all-day Great River-to-River Tours conducted by the Association of Philadelphia Tour Guides, and served on its Board for about four years. He left the board in 2019 to complete his book.

Jim has presented this William Penn program to professional associations, historical societies, churches, libraries, annual meetings, community groups and high-rise condos and cooperatives in Philadelphia, Delaware County and New Jersey.

He has also led a free 3-hour Jane’s Walk on William Penn in October 2019 and has been researching and studying William Penn since 2010.

Jim lived in Delaware County most of his life, and wrote and edited “Choices,” the award-winning magazine of the Franklin Mint FCU Magazine “Choices” for nine years. 

A former creative director of copy for Devon Direct Marketing and Advertising, Jim has run his own marketing consulting business since 2004. He moved to center city Philadelphia in 2008.


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