Podcast: Great Talks At Gloria Dei

Through storytelling and interviews, we look into Philadelphia’s early history and explore how the past relates to what’s happening in the city today.

The Perils of the Sea [Lecture + Q&A]

In this episode, historian and journalist Michael Schreiber shares his research into the lives and deaths of Philadelphia sea captains in the age of sail who were overcome by great hurricanes, succumbed to attacks by pirates, or who mysteriously disappeared in faraway waters.

Philadelphia’s Early Maritime History [Lecture + Q&A]

In this episode, researcher and journalist Michael Schreiber describes the period when Philadelphia’s port was the largest in North America. He also discusses the situation of Black seamen, as well as women, who went to sea.

Carpenters Hall

The Carpenters’ Company and Religious Buildings in Old Philadelphia

In this episode, Alex Palma, Assistant Director of Carpenters’ Hall, shares the history behind America’s oldest trade guild — the Carpenters’ Company — and its impact on Philadelphia’s religious architectural landscape.

Yellow Fever

A Raging Fever Killed Thousands in 1790s Philadelphia

In this episode, author and historian Michael Schreiber tells us about a mysterious killer — yellow fever — which ravaged Philadelphia and its adjacent suburbs in the late 18th and early 19th centuries.