Churchyard Map

The Gloria Dei (Old Swedes’) churchyard has been in continuous use for over 340 years. Unfortunately, due to the ravages of time, some very old gravestones have been lost. This interactive map shows the locations where gravestones remain. Here you’ll find the final resting places for some early Swedish settlers and church founders including members of the Swanson, Keen, Rambo, Justis, Stille, Toy and Boon families. Our churchyard also has a number of war heroes who fought in the American Revolution, War of 1812, the Civil War, and more recent battles such as World War II. You’ll also find farmers, mariners, scientists, artists, merchants, bankers, composers, ministers, homemakers, students, and craftsmen — many people who lived and worked near this church.

Visible gravestone

Gravestone is missing

Gloria Dei Memorial Garden

St. John’s Memorial Garden

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