Andreas Rudman supervised the construction of the new church at Wicaco, beginning in 1698. The church was dedicated on July 2, 1700. Rudman’s deteriorating health led to his replacement as pastor by Anders Sandel in 1702. That same year, Rudman accepted a call to pastor at a Dutch Lutheran congregation in New York City, and later served two Church of England congregations near Philadelphia.

Sandel began the practice of visiting Swedish families living in Kinsessing and Upper Merion, which resulted in annex churches which were parts of Gloria Dei congregation until the 1840s.

Rudman died in 1708 and was buried in Gloria Dei.

Jonas Lidman replaced Sandel in 1719, and served as pastor until 1730.

The period from 1700 to 1730 was generally a period of growth for the Gloria Dei congregation. The church was maintained in a good state of repair and there were no vacancies in the pastorship. In 1703, Bjork, Rudman and Sandel officiated at the ordination of Justus Falckner, the first ordination we know of in the Middle Atlantic. Falckner succeeded Rudman as the pastor of the Dutch Lutheran congregation of New York.

This monument covers the
of the Rev. Andrew Rudman.
Being sent hither from Sweden,
he first founded and built this church,
was a constant and faithful preacher
in the English, Swedish and Dutch churches,
eleven years in this country,
where he advanced true piety
by sound doctrine & good example.
He died September 17 A.D. 1708,
aged 40 years.