Johan Stille, Olof Stille’s youngest son, was born in 1646 in Techoherassi, New Sweden. He moved with his father to Moyamensing by 1664 and owned his father’s quarter interest in this property by 1685.

The first discovered reference to Johan Stille occurs on 13 June 1677 when he obtained a judgment at the Upland Court against John Ashman of Passyunk on a 1670 debt. Thereafter his name appears frequently in Upland Court records. Even though his father Olof was still alive, the family farm was clearly in his hands. By 1683, Johan Stille had married Gertrude Skute (1664-1744), youngest daughter of Captain Sven Skute, who had been the chief military officer of New Sweden. Johan and Gertrude had a large family-four sons and eight daughters. Records for 1693 show that their family then consisted of eight persons and their quarter share of Moyamensing was valued at 100 English pounds.

Johan Stille was an active supporter of the Swedish Lutheran Church serving the up-river Swedes and Finns, whose church was located on Tinicum Island until about 1675 when it was supplemented by a wooden blockhouse at Wicaco, just north of Moyamensing. William Penn’s 1684 patent for Moyamensing had named as owners Lasse Andrews (Lars or Lasse Andersson Collinu), William (Olof) Stille, Andrew Bankson (Anders Bengtsson) and John Mattsson.

As of the 19th century there were two tombstones in Gloria Dei churchyard bearing the name of Johan Stille. One includes this inscription: He was one of the original Church Wardens of the Church of Wicacoa. “He lived a Godly life in this world.”

Johan is 18 degrees from Kevin Bacon, 25 degrees from Frank Russell Capra, 22 degrees from Mark Hamill, 22 degrees from AJ Jacobs and 17 degrees from Queen Elizabeth II of the Commonwealth Realms.

Conservation Assessment

Here lie buried
Johan Stille
Born A.D. 1646 Died
April 20th A.D. 1722

He was one of the original Church Wardens
of the Church at Wicacoa

“He lived a Godly life in this world”

wife of Johan Stille
Died January 16th A.D. 1744

“A truly Christian and Honorable Matron.”

William Stille
Died April 9th A.D. 1739 Aged 52 years

John Stille
Died Dec. 29th A.D. 1746 aged 54 years

Peter Stille
Died June 28th A.D. 1767 Aged 68 years

Type of Marker: Lawn crypt
Material: Marble

Historic Integrity: Intact
Structural Integrity: Excellent
Material Integrity: Excellent
Legible Inscription: Good

Marker Details
Inventory Number: 25
Plot Number: 116
Historic Number: 472
Ledger Book Number: 63
Cemetery Section: 3
Orientation: East
Marker Height/Length (in): 72
Marker Width (in): 36
Marker Thickness/Depth (in): 2.5