Joseph W.P. Roberts
Born October 23d 1839
Died November 24th 1895

Type of Marker: Headstone and footstone
Material: Marble
Issues: Biogrowth, blistering, sugaring
Comments: Base needs to be reset
Recommended Treatment: Cleaning w/ biocide, consolidation, fill cracks/blisters, resetting

Historic Integrity: Intact
Structural Integrity: Good
Material Integrity: Good
Legible Inscription: Good

Marker Details
Inventory Number: 387
Plot Number: 52
Historic Number: 27
Ledger Book Number: 27
Cemetery Section: 6
Orientation: East
Marker Height/Length (in): 41
Marker Width (in): 26
Marker Thickness/Depth (in): 5.5
Footstone Height (in): 18
Footstone Width (in): 13
Footstone Thickness (in): 4.5