Conservation Assessment

Memory of
Sarah Fox
who departed this life
January 19th 1837
in the 20th year of her age.
Fair and blooming yesterday,
Now a loathsome corpse I lie:
See how beauty fades away,
Oh prepare prepare to die.

Type of Marker: Headstone
Material: Marble
Issues: Biogrowth, blistering, sugaring, sunken, vegetation
Comments: Need to remove tree roots
Recommended Treatment: Cleaning w/ biocide, excavation, fill cracks/blisters

Historic Integrity: Intact
Structural Integrity: Good
Material Integrity: Good
Legible Inscription: No inscription present
Degree of Bioturbation: 1/2 sunken

Marker Details
Inventory Number: 267
Plot Number: 533
Historic Number: 206
Ledger Book Number: 311
Cemetery Section: 5
Orientation: East
Marker Height/Length (in): 12
Marker Width (in): 17
Marker Thickness/Depth (in): 1