On the 22d of December of 1757, Mr. Parlin died, of pleurisy, after an illness of four days. His remains lie beneath the chancel of Wicaco church, by the side of his predecessors, Rudman and Dylander.

The following is the inscription on the stone over his grave:

"Siste, viator, quisque et mortalis, funde lachrymas
in hoc corruptionis domicilio. Jacet in pace et quiete,
beate mortuus, vir eruditione conspicuus, a Deo doctus,
plur. reverendus, Dus. magister Olavus Parlin, Ecclesia-
rum Sueco-Lutherarum, quse Deo colliguntur in Boreali
America, prcepositus et pastor in Wicacoa meritissimus.
Natus Suecae, A. D. MDCCXVI, ordinatus Verbi Divini
minister, A. D. MDCCXLV. Adiit Americam 1750, ini-
vit societatem conjugalem 1751, obiit die 22 Decem. Ao. 1757."

"He was an affectionate husband,
a tender father, a true friend,
and during his christian warfare,
a faithful and valiant soldier of
Jesus Christ;
and in the last combat, strengthened by heavenly
succours, he quitted the field, not captive, but conqueror,
and is numbered among the children of God."

Translation of the Latin: “Stop, traveller, who art thyself mortal, and drop a tear upon this receptacle of corruption. Here lies quietly and in peace, after a happy death, a man conspicuous in erudition, taught of God, the most reverend, most learned OLOF PARLIN, Provost of the Swedish-Lutheran churches which are collected by God in North America, and placed as most worthy pastor over that in Wicacoa. He was born in Sweden, A. D., 1716, ordained minister of the Divine Word, A. D., 1745, came to America in 1750, was married in 1751, and died December 22, 1757.”