According to “Annals of the Swedes on the Delaware, From their First Settlement in 1636, To the Present Time,” by The Rev. Jehu Curtis Clay, D. D., the following marker appeared under the chancel floor of the church in 1834.  This marker appears to be missing today.

"Siste, viator. ingemisce mortalium fatis. Petrus
Kock, Suecus, qui Borealis oritur D. XVIII ante Calend.
Dec., A. R. S., CI381OCCIBll, et in occidente occidit D.
IIII ante Idus Septem. A. C O C C X X X XVI I II.
Disce omnia in hoc orbe ad occasum vergere."

Translated thus: “Stop, traveller, mourn over the fate of mortals. Peter Kock, a Swede, born at the north on the 18th day before the Calends of December in the year 1704, died in the west the fourth day before the Ides of September, in the year 1749. Learn that all things in this world tend to death. ” If in this life only, we have hope in Christ, we are of all men most miserable; but thanks be to God,” etc.-1 Cor. xv. K2