John Lungren

Conservation Assessment

Here Lieth
the body of
John Lungren
a native of the province
of Smoland, in Sweden
who departed this life
the 3d day of March 1816
aged 64 years 10 months
and 5 days.
Happy soul they days are ended
With the mourning days below
Go, by Angel guards attended
To the sight of Jesus, go
Waiting to receive they spirit
Lo the Saviour stands above
Shows the purchase of his merit
Preaches out the crown of love

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Type of Marker: Headstone
Material: Marble
Issues: Biogrowth, blistering, delamination, sugaring
Recommended Treatment: Cleaning w/biocide, consolidation, fill cracks/blisters, patching, resetting

Historic Integrity: Intact
Structural Integrity: Good
Material Integrity: Fair
Legible Inscription: Good
Axis Tilt Lean Direction: Side
Axis Tilt Lean Degree: 5-15 deg.

Marker Details
Inventory Number: 29
Historic Number: 476
Ledger Book Number: 67
Cemetery Section: 3
Orientation: West
Marker Height/Length (in): 29
Marker Width (in): 14
Marker Thickness/Depth (in): 1