Catharine and Joanna Cruise

Possible name: Catharine

Conservation Assessment

Names: Catharine Cruise (1797-1830) and Joanna H. Cruise (1823-1830)


Sacred to the memory of
wife of Peter Cruise
who departed this life
August 9th 1830
aged 33 years 4 months and 15 days


Joanna H. Cruise

who departed this life
July 28, 1830
aged 7 years 1 month and 13 days.
“Transporting thought, thou dearest man adieu
I feel no sorrow but in leaving you
O thou my comfort, thought and only care
In these last words, thy kindness I’ll declare”
“My blessing to my babes; thou wilt be kind
To the dear infants whom I leave behind
Train them in virtue, piety and truth,
And form their manners early in their youth.”
“Farewell to all who now on me attend
The faithful servant and the weeping friend
The time is short till we shall meet again
With Christ to share the glories of his reign.”

Type of Marker: Headstone
Material: Marble
Issues: Biogrowth, blistering, sugaring
Comments: previously repaired; need to investigate the “backing” stone further
Recommended Treatment: Cleaning w/biocide, consolidation, fill cracks/blisters

Historic Integrity: Intact
Structural Integrity: Fair
Material Integrity: Fair
Legible Inscription: Poor

Marker Details
Inventory Number: 377
Historic Number: 19
Cemetery Section: 6
Ledger Book: Page 3, Number 19
Orientation: East
Marker Height/Length (in): 48
Marker Width (in): 25
Marker Thickness/Depth (in): 4
Footstone Height (in): 6
Footstone Width (in): 12
Footstone Thickness (in): 1

Written by Amy Grant

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