Conservation Assessment

to the
memory of
James Stuart Moore
who died December 22nd 1833
aged 21 years Also of
Evans Burch Moore
who died February 28th 1844
aged 25 years Also of
Anna Marion Moore
who died November 20th 1843
aged 16 years 7 months
and 14 days Also of
Mary Douglass Moore
who died March 18th 1844
aged 10 years and 4 days And
Robinson R. Moore
died January 5th 1847
aged 63 years

Type of Marker: Headstone
Material: Marble
Issues: Delamination, blistering
Elements Missing or Compromised: Missing bottom portion
Recommended Treatment:

  • Pin the top portion to a fabricated base so that the stone sits at its proper height in the ground.
  • Excavate new hole for the stone to sit in.
  • Patch and fill all blistering and delaminating sections with a lime based mortar.
  • Gently clean the surface of the stone with a biocide using a soft bristled brush.-Treat the stone with an Ethyl Silicate consolidate

Marker Details
Inventory Number: 529
Plot Number: 789
Cemetery Section: 11