Jacob Bankson

Conservation Assessment


Sacred to the Memory of Jacob Bankson Esq,
Attorney at Law Who died in the 43d year of his age On the 10th day of Decr 1795 Here rests
The Dutiful son the Affectionate Husband
The tender Father the Benevolent Officer
The kind Friend and Humane Citizen
This tomb is also made sacred
to the memory of
the son in law of Jacob Bankson
Mr Charles H Wilmens
Merchant of Baltimore Who died February 21st 179. In his 28th year
Sacred Record
To the memory of the much lamented Mr. Andrew B. Bankson
who died in October 1800 aged 28
Dear sacred shade still hovering oer our cares We mourn our loss bedue our couch with tears but all is short of that is due to the as time moves on the more this truth we see. Religions self thy youthful fate bemoan thy worth thy usefulness so early done but it with reverence views the hand of God and bids us bending kiss the iron rod.

Type of Marker: ?
Material: Marble
Comments: Possibly headstone or footstone
Recommended Treatment: Document

Structural Integrity: Fair
Material Integrity: Fair

Marker Details
Inventory Number: 81
Historic Number: 428
Ledger Book: Page 18, Number 105
Cemetery Section: 4
Marker Height/Length (in): 10
Marker Width (in): 14
Marker Thickness/Depth (in): 1.5

Written by Amy Grant

Amy Grant is a graphic designer and web developer. She is the founder of the Southwark Historical Society, a volunteer based group that studies the Southwark Historical District located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.