Conservation Assessment

to the memory of
John E Denike
Born December 13th 1807
Died December 30th 1851
aged 44 years and 17 days

He’s gone aloft
Why should we mourn departed friends
Or shake at death’s alarm?
Death’s but the servant Jesus sends
To call us to his arms.

Jacob Jackson Jr.
Born October 2d 1812
Drowned in the Potomac
River July 19th 1866

“Around thy name our dearest memories cling.”

Type of Marker: Headstone and footstone
Material: Marble

Historic Integrity: Altered
Structural Integrity: Good
Material Integrity: Fair
Legible Inscription: Poor

Marker Details
Inventory Number: 101
Plot Number: 278
Historic Number: 388
Cemetery Section: 4
Ledger Book Number: 134
Marker Height/Length (in): 58
Marker Width (in): 27
Marker Thickness/Depth (in): 0
Footstone Height (in): 16
Footstone Width (in): 16
Footstone Thickness (in): 1

Prior to Restoration

Issues: Biogrowth, blistering, erosion, sugaring, sunken
Comments: This might be the top half to a broken bottom that might still be buried.  If that is the case it will need to be pinned back together.  Headstone is lying horizontal on the ground in front of footstone.
Recommended Treatment: Cleaning w/biocide, consolidation, excavating, resetting