Captain Lodge Colton

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(1837 – 1913)
Member of the Vestry 1894 – 1913
Master’s Mate

Being a riverfront Church, Gloria Dei has a rich history that involves many people who were involved with maritime related occupations. Captain Lodge Colton was no exception. At the age of 14 he became a mariner on the clipper barque “James Cornor.” (sp. Corner?) He served the CSN being appointed in Baltimore, Maryland. Lodge Colton wa a Master’s Mate on the CSS Rappahannch in 1864 and the CSS Shanandoah in 1865. The CSS Shanandoah crossed the equator four times. On April 16, 1868 he was married in Baltimore to Marian Watts. The next year they moved to Philadelphia. Although his service took him to ports of call around the world, they maintained sittings at Gloria Dei from 1870 on. In 1874 they settled in New Orleans. Captain Colton’s ship sailed between New Orleans and Havana, Cuba. In 1880 he became a captain in the Ward Line, making voyages between New York, Cuba, and Mexico. He moved to New York and became a senior captain in 1887.

Due to failing health he retired from the sea in 1892 and worked as a Marine Surveyor for the Insurance Company of North America in Philadelphia until 1912 when he retired. He was a director of the Pennsylvania Nautical School, having been appointed by Governor Stone in 1899 and reappointed by Governors Pennypacker and Tener. He was a member of the Vessel Owners’ and Captains’ Association of Philadelphia, the Marine Society of New York and the Cassia Lodge, F. and A.M. of Baltimore.

While on the Vestry he was a member of the Property Committee. He was buried in the Church cemetery. The Vestry Minutes of December 1, 1913 say in part “we have not only lost a most active and devoted member, but also such a genial friend and companion, one ever-ready and willing to speak the kind word, and do the kind act, that his death comes as a personal grief to each one of us, as we recall the loved associations of by-gone years.”